Business Information Technology (BIT)

April 2001


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A 3D environment depicting the effects of real time physics

Malcolm Charles Mutu



A comparison of WAP and GPRS and implementation of an airline reservation system uaing WML technology

Tan Yee Chi



A study and implementation of healthcare system through the Internet

Tan Eddy Chee Kong



A study and implementation of an online decision support system and purchasing for mobile phone

Lee Siaw Szu



A study and implementation of decision support system for railway transportation in Malaysia using client-server technology

Ng Lee Choo



A study and implementation on Macromedia Allaire ColdFusion to produce online Putra LRT System route directory information




A study and implementation on multimedia CAL for the kindergarten children learning

Yap Swee Chin



A study and analysis on multimedia database system

Chong Jian



A study and implementation on business-to-business (B2B) commerce interaction in corporate procurement for a sports station using Biz Tals Platform

Gunawan Halim



A study and implementation of the Electronic data interchange (EDI) in banking system

Kah Tee Vee



A study and implementation of online purchasing system for womens apparels and accessories

Lee Poh Chen



A study on decision support system (DSS) to develop an online personal clothing shopping and matching system

Tan Pek Chen



A study on JAVA object oriented technology in implementing an audio player system

Tay Koh Eng



A study on usage of JAVA in multimedia for used in car sales system

Soh Khai Hwaii



An employee online recruitment and selection application for human resource management

Lim Pui Yean



An implementation of INTI accommodation management system based on LAN technology

Zhang Ning



An integrated multimedia mailing system (Vistamail)

Radha Murugiah



An intelligent electronic home control system

Loke Yong Yaw



An interactive of 3D online system for apartment sales

Wili Angwar



An online exam guide for SPM students using PHP technology

Ong Li Lian



Creating 3D multimedia animation using 3D sStudio Max

Chew Young Kuan



Decision support system for marketing analysis and research on Proton car industry




Development of computer-based smart kitchen application for home user

Tay Shew Shun



Development of interactive game using JAVA

Jasmine Lim



Development of an online expert prescription diagnostic system

Lim Lynn



Development of online computer hardware-selling system with expert system (ES) capabilities

Tan Sing Yee



Development of search engine for tertiary education onformation with decision support system (DSS)

Kee Yong Long



E-meeting with video conferencing through local area network (LAN) business purpose

Khoo Cheng Hong



Implementation of 3D graphics to provide a 3D showroom for cars

Lau Lee Hin



Implementation of 3D simulation for education purpose in natural disasters

Chieng Chon Huo



Implementation of a computer assisted learning (CAL) system with interactive multimedia features on endangered animals for primary school children

Ong Fui Ngee



Implementation of a decision support online job application for INTI College

Tan Siew Yi



Implementation of a web-based on maid recruitment system

Pang Chee Hoong



Implementation of an automobile marketing analysis and planning application using client/ server technology

Koh Siew Lee



Implementation of digital nervous system (DNS) and INTI College Malaysia

Kon Hon Sing



Implementation of production control system for manufacturing resource planning (MRP)

Ting Tien Siong



Implementation of teach-ware on human anatomy for kindergarten children using interactive multimedia

Ling Suok Huey



Implementation of teaching and learning in virtual classroom environment

Pang Eng Kee



Implementation of web-based bus ticket reservation system using Java technology

Chung Wei Lun



Implementation on 3D car racing animatin using the 3D Studio Max

Tay Say Ching



Online car purchase system o electronic commerce application

Deng Ming Guan



Online Malaysian Tourism Information System (OMTIS)

Jayagowry Rajoo



Streaming technology on audio and video over the Internet

Ting Kee Ong



Study and development of an online public library system using extensible markup language (XML) technology collaboratively with ASP and Java Script

Yong Shean Yann



Study and implementation of an Online Flower Ordering System for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Gan Heng Kuang



Study and implementation of knowledge portals for Baba and Nyonya heritage

Hee Kar Yee



Study on IP address with system maintenance for blocking misuse of end user in LAN technology

Gregory Tunggung



Using steganography technique to develop a data hiding application

Tan Eu Wee