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A Research On The Computerized And Manual System In An Audit Firm-Earnest And Young Sabah

Chin Siaw Chen



A Comparative Study On The Implication And Impacts Of E-Finance On Two Companies In The Financial Service Industry

Ong Sheau Huey



A Comparative Study Between Telekom Malaysia Berhad And Digi Telecommunication Sdn.Bhd In Terms Of Financial performance And Non-Financial Performance

Wong Siong Ping



A Comparative Study Of Performance Measurement Of Profit And Non-Profit Organizations In Service Industry In Malaysia

Kuek Pow Ling



A Comparative Study Of The Internal Control On Inventory System For Two Optical Companies In China

Zhou Lin Ye



A Comparative Study On Effectiveness Of The Inventory Management System Between Two Tyre Companies In Sabah (City Wheel One Stop Services Centre Vs Keningau Tyres Servicing Sdn Bhd

Siew Yee Shen



A Comparative Study On Inventory Control Management Within Beverage Industry In Malaysia

Loh Pei Ming



A Comparative Study On The Growth And Performance Of EON Company Before And After Adopting Just In Time (JIT) Approach

Kok Lousiana Li Teng



A Comparative Study On The Impacts Of Internal Audit In Ensuring Effective Corporate Governace Between Companies In Malaysia

Jamuna A/P Sevoo



A Comparative Study On The Importance Of Applying Accruals Concepts And Prudence Concept In The Preparation Of Financial Statements In Limited Companies.

Soon Siew Lian



A Comparative Study On The Internal Control Of Two Resorts In Sabah, Malaysia (Nexus Resort Karambunai And Kinabalu Nature Resort

Kong Yi Sing



A Comparative Study On The Internal Control System Over Sales Between Weida (M) Berhad And Universal Cables  (Sarawak) Sdn.Bhd.

Wong Siew Lu



A Comparative Study On The Inventory Management System Practiced By Manufacturers Within The Wood Processing Industry (Pt Alas Kusuma And Pt Bumi Raya Utama Group) In Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Lie Siew Hong



A Comparative Study On The Usage Of Computerized Accounting System And Manual Accounting System By The Accounting Profession In Malaysia.

Kho Hui Hui



A Comparative Study On Various Criteria That Are Considered By Established Companies In Malaysia In The Selection Of Auditors

Sumithra D/O



A Comparison Between High Educated Adult And Low Educated Adult In Klang Valley On How They Make Their Personal Investment.

Tan Seow Ee



A Comparison Of Internal Control System Between Sabah Port Authority And Drainage Irrigation District In Sabah

Liew Ronie Ken Vui



A Comparison Of The Critical Success Factors Of 2 Steel Companies: Perwaja And Southern

Lee Li Mei



A Comparison On Hedging Crude Palm Oil Futures Between Rinwood Sago Plantation Berhad And Pehis Plantation Berhad

Ngu Kek Sieng



A Comparison On The Level Of Acceptance Between Cyber Banking And Conventional Banking In Malaysia

Lim Choy Wan



A Comparison S Study On Quality Control Of The Qualifications For Two Professional Bodies, Which Are Association Of Charted Of Certified Accountants (Acca) And Charted Institute Of Management Accountant (Cima)

Wong Bee Loong



A Comparison Study Between The Perceptions Of Inland Revenue Board And Tax Agent In The Sabah Region Towards The Implementation Of The Self Assessment System In Reflecting To The Current Economic Performance

Tan Tiffany Tan Shet Ley



A Comparison Study Of Internal Control On Stock System And Sales System By Two Wholesale Industries In Tawau, Sabah

Yap Ghee Guen



A Comparisons Study On Performance Measurements (Balanced Scorecard Analysis And Financial Ratio Analysis ) For Biaramas Express Limited Company

Yong Wen Chong



A Critical Comparison Of External Audit Compliance In China With International Standards On Auditing And Guidelines

Guo Xuebing



A Research On Bonds Impact On The Medium And Large-Scale Companies In Banking Industry

Cheong Boon Meng



A Research On E-Commerce: The Impact Of E-Commerce Towards Accounting System And Audit Process

Chan Yoke Peng



A Research On Non-Audit Services : Should Non-Audit Services Be Provided By Accountancy Firms To Their Audit Clients In Tawau, Sabah?

Tan Yeong Hong



A Research On Preferred Options Of Financing Taken Up By Manufacturing Companies In Kuching, Sarawak : Debt Financing Or Equity Financing

Jong Josephina Pik Ngah@Jong Szuei



A Research On Public's Trust And Perception Towards Accounting Profession Before And After Corrective Actions Were Taken, With Regards To The Enron Events, In Selangor

Tay Shu Shin



A Research On The Impact To Business Operation And Management Before And After Marger In Great Eastern Life Insurance Company

Wei Yan



A Research On The Impacts Of Economic Crisis On Finance Sector  In Klse: Comparison Between Maybank And Rhb Bank

Kwong Tjin Yee



A Research On The Roles Of Information Technology (It). What Is The Impact Of It  On Business Processes Of Large And Medium Trading And Service Companies In Malaysia?

Wong Khee Teck



A Research On Unit Trust Investment Advantages And Popularity Comapred To Invest In Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Klse)

Wu Soon Loong



A Review Of Income And Value Measurement Concepts In Conventional Accounting And Their Relevance To Islamic Accounting

Loke Jamie Lai Joo



A Study Of Credit Management Practices And Financial Performance Between Local Bank And Foreign Bank After The Financial Crisis In 1998 : Maybank And Citibank

Ng Chong Seng



A Study Of Historical Cost And Creative Accounting Treatment Towards Fixed Asset By Malaysia Based Company

Leong Poi Yee



A Study Of How The Discount Rate Is Derive In Projects Or Investments In Private Limited Companies

Choo Heng Seng



A Study Of Practical Goodwill Treatment On Group Financial Reporting: Yayasan Sabah And Sabah Softwoods Sdn. Bhd.

Muhammad Yazid



A Study Of Quality Control Of Audit Work By Comparing Both Auditing Firms, Ernst & Young Against Kpmg In Malaysia

Wong Kung Hui



A Study Of The Effectiveness Of The Inventory Management That Adopted Between Two Companies In Information Techonology Industryin Sabah, Malaysia

Chung Yen Lin



A Study Of The Implication And Effectiveness Of Decision Making In Cement Industry

Soh Jennefer Ling Ling



A Study Of The Usefulness Of Corporate Annual Reports To Investors And The Prospect Of Disclosing Additional Information In Corporate Annual Reports

Chow Margaret Yen Chuin



A Study On Accounting Treatment Of Intangible Assests In Company




A Study On Auditing Is Necessary Through Confidence, Credible, Credence By Clients And Companies On Business In Malaysia

Chin Yee Yu



A Study On Auditor's Independence Based On User's Opnion And How It Affects The Reliability To Financial Statement




A Study On Budgeting System Of Hotel Industry (Hotel Marcopolo Vs Hotel Emas) In Sabah

Lee Shi Ze



A Study On Comparison Of Factors In Determining Audit Fees Between Large Audit Firms And Small Audit Firms

Quek Anita Siaw Hui



A Study On Computerized And Manual Method Of Auditing In Audit Firm (Sabah)

Kok Dennis Yee Chung



A Study On Fundamentals Of Good Corporate Governance Of Public Listed Companies In Malaysia

Tong Fui Mee



A Study On How Just In Time (Jit) Inventory Management System Can Lead To Cost Reduction In Hardware Company In Sabah

Cheng Jen Yuen



A Study On Intellectual Capital Management In Knowledge-Intensive Companies

Gan Kah Ling



A Study On Managers' Perceptions Of Tqm Constructs In Manufacturing Companies In Malaysia

Lim Hui Ting



A Study On Outsourcing Phenomenon In Service Industry In Malaysia

Chia Poey Gek



A Study On Public Awareness And Various Individual Tax Planning Adopted In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Mah Chiew Moi



A Study On Public Perception Upon The Auditor's Independency In Today Business Environment In Malaysia

Su Shirley Hee Mee



A Study On Relationship Between The Financial Control And The Value Added Of The Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Berhad (Proton)

Kong Kuan Yee



A Study On The Application Of Activity Based Costing (Abc) In Providing A Better Costing Method For Manufacturing Industry.

Ong Soo Kim



A Study On The Attiyude Of Individual Investors In Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Klse) During Economic Crisis And Economic Boom Based On Their Perceived Level Of Risk And Return

Toh Mei Ching



A Study On The Auditors' Role Playing To The Organization And Public And His/Her Effect And Function Of Auditing.

Tan Kok Fiong



A Study On The Effectiveness And The Impact Of Changes In Assets And Share Of Bank Merger For Hong Leong Bank Group

Loke Yeak Kit



A Study On The Effectiveness Of Good Corporate Governance In Malaysia.

Chong Alice Ling Ling



A Study On The Effectiveness Of Harmonisation Of Malaysian Accounting Standards And International Accounting Standard (Ias) On The Aspect Of Investment Making.

Pang Tet Tsung



A Study On The Efficiency Of The Inventory Management Between Two Construction Supplier Companies In Malaysia.

Chiew Lin Fui



A Study On The Efficiency Of The Inventory Management In Trading Industry In Sabah, Malaysia

Chong Oi Min



A Study On The Financial And Non- Financial Performance Between Two Timber Companies In Malaysia

Chin Chun Jade



A Study On The Foreign Exchange Risk Management Of The Shipping Industry

Yeoh Li Li



A Study On The Impact Of Cyberspace Trading On The Taxation

Li Jiajun



A Study On The Implementation Of Total Quality Management(Tqm) As A Tool To Identify The Positive Improvement In The Overall Quality And Cost Effectiveness Of The Organisation In Kuching, Sarawak

Noraasyikin Binti Mahmud



A Study On The Importance Of Non-Technical Skills In Accounting Graduates In Malaysia

Ong Ming Ming



A Study On The Jit Inventory Management System Between Proton And Perodua

Loh Yee Mun



A Study On The Motivational Dimension Of Budgeting In Selangor And Wilayah Persekutuan

Chiang Sook Fei



A Study On The Pattern Of Corporate Financing Of Public Listed Companies In Malaysia

Yap Ching Ping



A Study On The Perception On How Accountancy Professions Position Itself For The 21st Century-The Cyber Age Millennium (It Era)

Yap Caroline Yu Li



A Study On The Pratices Of Creative Accounting By Companies In Malaysia

Lau Fook Sin



A Study On The Public Awareness Of Import Duty On Agarette And The Impact Brought To The People In Both Developed And Developing Countries : United Kingdom And Malaysia

Siow Wei Loong



A Study On The Quality Of Auditing Service Provided By Audit Firms In Sarawak

Tiong King Yen



A Study On The Role Of Internal Control In Order To Improve The Effectiveness Of Credit Sales In Food Industry

Linda Widiawaty Wijaya Goh



A Study On The Roles Of Internal Auditors In Information Technology (It) Between Different Company In Malaysia

Lee Jane Ken Ken



A Study On Whether Budgeting System Will Affect The Business Performance For The Two-Book Shop At Kuching

Sim Siao Ling



A Study On Whether Tax Planning Knowledge Is Important For Businessman In Guiding Them To Gain Better Profit And Reduce Income Tax

Ngo Sin Lin



A Study Taxpayers' Views Towards The Reduction Of Income Tax Rate As A Benefit Of The Introduction Of Value Added Tax (Vat)

Lim Sylvia Shu Teing



A Study To Find Whether Does Being Socially Responsible Corporation Leads To Improved Shareholder Value In Malaysia

Sukh Deve Singh Riar



Accounting Treatment Of The Company And Employee Motivation In Malaysia: With And Without Accounting Treatment Of The Company And Employee Share Option Scheme

Lai Shie Yuen @ Lee Shie Yuen



An Analysis Of Internet Banking On Public Perception And The Service Quality In Singapore




An Empirical Investigation On Why Samll Size Firm's Financial Statement Need To Be Audited By Auditor In Malaysia But Not Necessary In United Kingdom

Sia Yii Guang



An Empirical Study On The Use Of Computerized System Between The Large And Small Size Organizations In Malaysia.

Liew Sein Wei



An Evaluation Of Internal Control System In The Area Of Purchases And Trade Creditors: A Comparison Between Inomedia Industries Sdn. Bhd. And Aquablue Sdn. Bhd.

Chai Pei Pei



An Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Internal Control System In Hotel Industry Sabah

Chin Yee Fui



An Evaluation Of The Effectiveness Of Internal Control System In Oil Palm Industry.

Wong Kiu Lin



An Evaluation Of The Efficiency Of Internal Control System In Public And Private Hospital (Queen Elizabeth Hospital And Sabah Medical Centre)

Kong Aileen Siew Ming



An Evaluation On Credit Risk Management Model And Its Effectiveness To Maybank And Public Bank In Malaysia

Ng Fui Chu



An Evaluation On The Financial Performance During Economic Downturn Before And After Of The Eon

Tan Swan Bee



An Examination Of Factors Affecting The Quality Of Audit Works Prepared To Different Size Of Company: Malaysia Audit Firms' Experience

Lim Khai Ching



An Investigation Of Comparison Betweeen Fair Value And Historial Cost Of Valuing Bank Loans In Financial Institution In Kota Kinabalu,-Rhb Bank, Maybank, Standard Chartered And Hsbc Bank

Koh Yvonne Kwee Ling



An Investigation Of Comparison Of The International Standard And Us Standard To Disclose  Fraud And Error In Auditing Field In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Yong Chiu Fun



An Investigation Of Consumer Perception, Service Quality, And Profitability Of Internet Banking In Malaysia (Non E-Banking Users Vs E-Banking Users)

Yeap Ai Hooi



An Investigation Of Corporate's Perceptions And Expectations Towards The Disclosure Of Social Responsibility In Malaysia.

Ngui Sheau Hui



An Investigation Of How The Perception Of Selected Companies About Online Financial Reporting In Malaysia

Lee Hock Phen



An Investigation Of How The Role Of Mission Statements Affects A Firm's Financial Performance.(Small Firms And Big Firms)

Kemuhitjelo Tajang Jinggut



An Investigation Of The Impact And Consequence Of Globalization On The Local Accounting Industry.

Chiam Shau Wei@Kenny



An Investigation On Banker's Phiosophy When Making Decisions On Whether Or Not To Giving Out Loans To Public Listed Companies

Yu Tse Chen



An Investigation On How The Internet Gives Impact To Potential Auditors In Term Of Internal Control System In Kuching Sarawak

Lee Hui Jen



An Investigation On The Augmentation Of Audit Rish And Fraud Had Done By The Qualified Auditors In Malaysia

Teh Siew Kim



An Investigation On The Effectiveness Of Training Programmes On Improving The Performance Of The Nu Life International Company

Cha Lai Hoong



An Investigation On The External Auditors' Perpective Towards Statutory Audit  Requirement For The Small Companies In Sarawak

Toh Fong Chen



An Investigation On The Inventory Management Of Malaysia Companies

Chen Wen Jiang



An Investigation To Find How Well Is The Usage Of Target Costing Within The Business Community In Padang, West Sumatra

Lisa Febriyanti



Balanced Scorecard As A Performance Measurement In Service Company

Gan Lay Lee



Challenges Abd Opportunities Available To Auditors Changing From Manual To Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques(Catts) In Great Eastern Life Insurance Company's Branch In Johor Bahru

Ho Mei Huey



Comparing Target Costing And Traditional Approach To Costing In Infant Garment Industry

Yoong Nin Chin



Comparison Of Prc Accounting Standards With The Equivalent Accounting Standard Issued In International Accounting Standard (Ias)

Meng Xiao Fang



Comparison Of The Loan Loss Rate Determinants And Credit Management Analysis Or Maybank And Public Bank Berhad

Yoo Ying Tze



Comparison Of Uncertainty, Capital Structure Change & Owner Ship Structure Effects Between Common Stock And Convertible Loan Stock

Li Wei Xin



The Comparison Between Internal And External Auditing Toward Perception Of Implementing Computerized Accounting System In The Audit World

Yong San Ling



The Comparison Of Auditing Framework Between Malaysia Auditing Guidelines And International Auditing Guidelines

Yap Fui Tzi



The Comparison Of Inventory System Between Two Aquaculture Industries In Malaysia

Yeo Mei Ling



The Comparison Of The Effectiveness British Accounting (Acca) And Australia (Cpa) In Malaysia's Accountant.

Voon Choon Wee



The Comparison Of The Financial Perforamance And Consumer Attitude Towards Malaysian Assurance Alliance Berhad And Hong Leong Assurance

Chong Chee Shia



Conventional Accounting Standard Versus Islamic Accounting Standard Adopted In Malaysia Islamic Banking

Mona Maizun Binti Abu Bakar



Corporate Governance In Malaysia- Can It Effectively Bolster / Restore Investors' Confindence In The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Klse)

Lee Fah Tien



The Cyberbanking And Conventional Banking Industry In Malaysia

Chok Chou Ling



The Development And Implication Of Internet Banking Service In Malaysia

Ong Hui Shien



Differentiation Between Audit Fee And Audit Quality In Terms Of Big Four And Non-Big Four Audit Firm In Sabah

Lee Tze Jen



Disclosure Practice Of Intellectual Capital: Consumer Products Industry In Malaysia

Christopher Okoth Onyango



Effective Maintenance Of A High Standard Of Work In Audit Firms In Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia: To What Extent The Companies Perceivehe Quality Control Of Their Companies

Chhoa Chia Hui



The Effectiveness And Accountability Of Internal Control System Between Maybank And Shanghai Banking Corporation In Sabah

Wong Lih Lih



The Effectiveness Of Internal Audit Committee In The Services Sector : A Study Of Malaysian Companies

Ng Tze Yung



The Effectiveness Of Inventory Control System : Comparison Between Lion Best Sdn. Bhd. And Smart Nago Sdn. Bhd. In Malaysia

Sia Christina Yii



Effects Of Merger And Acquisition In Malaysian Banking Industry

Vimala Devi D/O



Evaluating The Impact Of Computerized On Internal Audit For Medium Retailing Industries In Malaysia

Tan Sze Yee



Evaluation Of Financial Performance And Services Of Two Commercial Banks In Malaysia. " Public Bank And Hong Leong Bank"

Lai Shang Yee



External Auditor's Reliance On Work Performed By Internal Auditors In Malaysia

Wong Chan Thay



Factors That Influence The Choice Of Depreciation Methods In Manufacturing Industries In Malaysia

Ling Hie Jing



Financial Ratios Analysis With Company's Strategy From The Consumer Industry In The Klse Of Malaysia

Huon Hung Yieng



Fixed Exchange Rate: Impact On Proton's Sales And Profitability

Chaw Gary Cheng Fei



The Future Prospect Of Insurance Agencies In Malaysia's Insurance Industry

Lee Chui Yong



How To Minimize The Budgetary Slack Creation In Manufacturing Companies

Song Wai Ping



Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment In Malaysia And China

Phoh Poh Yew



Impact Of Non-Financial Intangible Assets Measuring System On Business Performance

Li Jia



The Impact Of Asean Free Trade Area (Afta) On The Overall Performance Of The Local Automobile Industry In Malaysia : Prior/ After 2002

Khoo Chai Lai



The Impact Of Foreign Currency Exposue On The Multinational Companies For The Prior And Post The Economic Crisis

Tang Siew Eing



The Impact Of Inventory Control System On Hardwares Engineering Industry In Malaysia : A Comparison Between Amerix Sdn. Bhd. And Uninetic Sdn. Bhd.

Myint Khaing Khaing Soe



The Importance Of Auditors's Report To Users Of Financial Statements In Malaysia

Teo Siew Ling



The Importance Of Internalization Of Chinese Accounting

Zhao Ying Ling



Improving Quality Management In A Local Construction Industries Using A Tqm Model

Chan Swee Hong



The Influence Of Dividend Stability On Companies Share Prices

Koh Kai Shin



Internet Banking : It's Effects / Benefits On Customers

Chia Jennifer Chiao Yin



Investigate The Usefulness Of Annual Reports And Financial Statements To Shareholders And Investors In Kuching

Chin Fung Fung



The Investigation Of How To Use The Investment Risk In China Market

Bian Ting Zhen



Investment Incentives Are Pivotal To A Developing Country To Lure Foreign Direct Investment (Fdi) Especially In Multimedia Super Corridor (Msc) Sector

Yeoh Mui Khian



Investors' Perception To The Audit Committee In Malaysia

Su Pei Sze



Limitation Of Accounting Ratios In Financial Statements - A Case Study Of Ioi Corporation Berhad And Kim Loong Berhad

Sim Pui Kee



Outsouring Of Internal Auditing Services In Malaysia. Is It A Wise Move?

Ng Wei Kee



The Perception Of Investors And Accountants Regarding The Ethical Responsibilities Of Auditors

Tam Wan Teing



The Perception Of Shareholders And Bankers Towards The Auditor's Report In Malaysia

Kek Seng Mei



The Perception Of The Employees On Working Under A Clan Control Company In Malaysia : A Comparison Between Two Chinese Family - Owned Businesses

Yap Kwee Hua



The Practice Of Risk Manament By Small-Sized And Medium-Sized Companies In Manufacturing Sectors

Ooi  Soo Hung



The Preferred Accounting Treatment For Goodwill And Its Suitability For Public Listed Companies In Malaysia

Lee Wee Hwang



The Relation Between Employee Stock Option Exercises And Investing Decision In United State

Mao Zhen Zheng



The Relevance Of Financial Reporting And Accounting Information In Predicting Corporate Failure

Lee Mei Chen



Revaluation And Depreciation Of Tangible Fixed Asset Between Hotels Industries In Malaysia

Lim Miaw Zoo



Risk Management By Bank Which Are Offering Online Banking And The Users' Response

Lee Chew Yee



Self-Assessment System Among Individual Malaysian Taxpayers: A Study On Awareness, Attitudes And Capability To Calculate Tax Liability

Bong Li Sze



Self-Assessment System Of Taxation For Companies In Malaysia: A Case Study On Its Implementation And Efficiency Based On The Perception Of Inland Revenue Board Officers And Tax Agents

Chua Chiu Ha



The Significance Of Environmental Liability Disclosure : Petroleum Companies In Malaysia

Subashini A/P



Three Elements Of Intellectual Capital And Its Interrelaton  Ships: A Comparison Of Non-Service Industry To Service Industry

Chor Zhenyi



To Analysis On The Differences Between Job Satisfaction Among The Employees Of Prudential Insurane Company And Great Eastern Life Insurance Company

Woon Chai Ling



To Examine Usefulness Of Activity Based Costing (ABC) In Malaysia Service Organisations

Ng Shirley Sek Lee



Using Creative Graphics To Improve The Communication And Presentation Of Accounting Information

Siow Chiou Shya



Will The Issuing Of Rights Issues Link To A Better Financial Performance?

Lee Pui Lai