Computer Science (BCP)

April 2001


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A distributed client-server database banking application using JAVA RMI and Socket Programming to facilitate access to a balanced server form easy to use remotely located GUI

Chong Chieu Yong



A research and development of online transmission of SMS, ringtone and logo to handphone

Chong Chon Chuan



A study and develop a 3D animation game with emphasis on its artificial intelligence capabilities

Lee Yee Keong



A study and implementation of business sworkflow designer to manage the integration of business processes

Siew Pau Ling



A study and implementation of client-server based clinic management system using touch screen technology

Soong Kim Yee



A study and implementation of online sales system using XML technology

Ng Pey Yueh



A study and implementation of smart card technology in student attendance monitoring system

See Thoe Yuen



A study on the architecture of Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and implement a three-tier client/ server distributed application

Wong Chee Khiun



A study on the audio file encoding algorithm and implementing an MP3 encoder application

Leong Kong Hon



A study on SQL server 2000 to create a network computer classroom with broadcasting technology

Tan Kean Lim



A system for managing computers sharing a signle dial-up connection in local area network

Cheng Choon Kheng



A text to speech chatting system using peer-to-peer in an existing LAN environment

Lee En Chuen



An in-depth study on C/C++ t implement a reliable resources backup system in a client server environment

Foong Siong Tat



Applications on converting video format from AVI into MPEG format

San Mei Ching



College laboratory access control and remote administration system

Lim Vee Vien



Detailed study on the networking capabilities in Linux and the implementation of an Intranet Instant Messaging application that incorporates chatting and file transferring features

Low Chee Hian



Develop a web society by doing comparison ASP (Active Server Page) and JSP (JAVA server Page)

Wu Xiao Guang



Develop an expert system in medical field that associated with natural language processing to help the patient to diagnose the illness

Heng Chee Yang



Developing a prototype for home automation using computer control

Lee Sze Fang



Developing a smart computer user assistant with animation

Yenny Peter



Developing wireless application protocol websites

Dang Seong Cheong



Development of a browsing tools with enhancing picture download capabilities

Lim Wei Chuen



Development of a download application with file splitting capablitiy

Wong Thien Pow



Development of a web mail application with data file compression technique to compress attached file when sending to the mail server

Teng Tak Meng



Development of the peer-to-peer filr transferring application for multimedia file transfer

Lim Teng Joan



Development of a secure communication tool using multiple cryptographic algorithms

Balminder Kaur



Development of security program to protect data file by using compression and encryption techniques

Ang Yee Ching



Development of a tourist information system

Ho Chiew Yueh



Digital signature and its implementation in online trading

Jong Joon Jit



Expert system on the design layout for setting up a local area network (LAN)

Woo Yee Lin



File splitting and encryption system

Wong Ai Mei



Implementation of a compression technique used in picture depository system baed on client-server architecture

Khor Hui Liang



Implementation of a decision support web-based automobile system

Ooi Chin Eng



Implementation of a peer-to-peer network based business application system

Wong Yock Chyun



Implementation of decision support system on nutritious meal

Tee Chai San



Implementation of fuzzy logic in an expert system with speech recognition capability

Usha Theivehndiram



The implementation of intelligent smart card application for computer lab access control in local area network environment

Yap Jian Heung



Implementation of natural language processing (NLP) concept to develop an intelligent tool that could search and recommend the best book for lecturers and students

Kwan Pei Quen



Internet multi-proxy file downloader

Chin Chee Keong



Investigate and develop a WAP based cinema information and ticket reservation system

Lam Pooi San



Investigation and implementation of XML technology in online system

Tan Mei Woon



Prototype for computer based factory oven

Pan Shin Yin



Research and development of a network electronic pet

Hermanto Juaputra



Research and implementation of a client/ server data mining application for financial business trend analysis using Oracle 8 and JAVA




Simulation of a multiprocessor using client/ server technology on LINUX platform

Goh Wan Chin



Smart card based attendance system

Chen Fui Foong



Smart card based health information system

Foo Lip Chong



Smart card based hotel management system

Chin Siew Fui



Software for 3D audio GUI

Teng Yong Lin



Study and development of an online travel reservation system

Chan Ying Mei



Study and development of proxy server

Li Run Chao



Study and implement packet filter security tool to block the dos attack on Windows platform

Tan Kim Suan



Study and implementation of a data driven knowledge management application on the desktop with digital dashboard based Intranet portal

Lee Yin Yin



Study and implementation of a remote access control system on a software troubleshooting

Chon Woon Hui



Study and implementation of an English talking dictionary application using JSML (JAVA Speech Markup Language) and JDBC (JAVA Database Connectivity)

Liu Suliana



Study and implementation of an Image Processing software to allow sophisticated, high performance image processing functionality and animation making

Gan Cheng Han



Study and implementation of antology and software agent on Semantic Web

Lee Kok Peng



Study and implementation of collaborative distributed object technologies within Intranet environment

Leow Huoy Ming



The study and implementation of file transfers, online chats, and teleconferencing for telecommuting in a client and server architecture

Tee Teng Peng



Study and implementation of mobile intelligent agents for network monitoring management




Study and implementation of peer-to-peer file sharing technology with data encryption feature

Gan Soh Yee



The study of distributed file system (DFS) in client/ server computing and the implementation of a web-based virtual drive based on DFS concept by using JAVA programming language and Javascript

Wong Chun Seng



Study and developing a software to convert Microsoft Word document into an audio file




Study the existing network administration tool to develop a powerful network administration tool to controls the system, network, registry, passwords, file system and process for Windows Based

Ng Hock Seng



Study the struture of the languages and develop a language translation system

Yap Shing Ling



To develop an online interactive painting software for children

Yap Hooi Wan



To study and implement data mining software to analyze data in stock market

Koh Mooi Ling



To use artificial intelligence and network technology, for implementing a network game in Windows operating system environment by using JAVA language

Chen Chee Wee



Version control system for software developers

Tan Twu Liang



Web-based data analysis by implementing decision support system for crime prevention in Malaysia

Lim Wan Sin