Computer Science (BCP)

August 2001



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A comparative study between JAVA and C++ in data encryption

Lee Sook Ching



A research and study in-depth in JINITM network technology and develop a cross platform client server based application

Foo Voon Chin



A study and implementation of audio, text, video conferencing application to communicate with number of people over the Intranet

Chia Kian Lih



A study and implementation of data mining technology on the behaviour of ICM students

Ho Kah Leng



A study and implementation of simple object access protocol (SOAP) to simulate a prototype system using SOAP in a decentralized, distributed environment

Ang Cheer Cheer



A study and implementation of smart emailer by using the steganography technology through imgae hiding technique to enhance the network security

Chua Kah Siong



A study of Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET and implementing a web application in Windows 2000 environment

Chaw Joon Ping



A study on agent technologies and to develop a system to integrating this into a project management system

Sun Kok Weng



A study on cryptography technology and email protocol to produce an encryption/ decryption algoritm to implement on emailing application

Koong Ling Sheng



A study on file transfer protocol (FTP) application with enhancement of secure and fast data transferring using cryptography and data compression

Sim Kwang Siong



A study on how to transmit signal over a LAN network and implementation of a client/ server application that capable to transmit and receive the TV signal

Tseu Caleb Key Leh



A study on Internet protocol security architecture to implement a tunneling management program for data transmission with cryptographic mechanism

Ang Jenn Ban



A study on JAVA 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and its role in Electronic Commerce (Ecpmmerce) and to implement a web store program by using J2EE and Resin Server

Chok Pit Ha



A study on JAVA technology and to develop a prototype image processing application

Lenny Masli



A study on JSP technology and applying for servlet with session tracking

The Chik Fei



A study on network protocols to implement a peer-to-peer search file sharing system

Ong Peng Kiat



A study on steganography and wave file format and implement a software with steganography techniques to enhance data security by hiding data inside the wave file

The Eng Long



A study on various network protocols and implementation of network protocol analyzer to improve network performance

Chan Chee Foong



A study on the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and develop a simulated WAP peototype application based on a stock exchange

Lee Lei Ling



An expert system to implement class scheduling system for INTI College Malaysia

Gao Jian Xun



An implementation of a website colour image filtering on neural network

Mohammad Shoaib



Detail study on firewall technology and develop a dynamic packet filtering program to reduce IP spoofing attack

Yeoh Zhiyi



Develop a remote controlled web caching proxy server and allowing administrator to remotely administer the proxy xerver through the Internet

Chau Kee Hue



Developing a remote file transfer system by implementing the JINI technology

Tan Kian Siong



Developing an application for encryption and decryption of still image files

Cheong Kong Ming



Implementation of a dot com home using remote control through network

Yao Fei Jing



Implementation of image processing techniques in the E-greeting card maker application for the web users

Yeow Chee Mei



Implementation of investment organizer to improve the analysis and organize the investment efficiently based on JAVA language

Tan Kee Ching



Implementation of network device health monitor and report generator for network administrator in Linux platform

Chong Swee Siong



Implementation of peer-to-peer file sharing that decrease bandwidth usage using JAVA programming

Wong Seet Lian



Implementation of remote access and control on a Linux platform based on a study of remote access methods

Cheah Weng Luh



Impementation of wireless Internet sharing through client server technology

Pang Jen Ne



Investigation and implementation of XML technology in online ordering system

Tan Mei Woon



Natural language processing system with search engine feature

Low Chee Wee



Research and develop a network monitoring program by implementing a remote access control and administration system

Sofian Widjaja



Research and develop an effective peer to peer network for file sharing with encryprion and decryption technique

Chew Kian Hong



Research and development of web based SMS (Short Message Service)

Chong Choon Chuan



Research and implementation of an agent oriented technology to administer a parallel processing job

Lee Kok Foong



Research and study on video and audio compression for PC-based desktop videoconferencing system in a local area network

Tan Cheong Leng



Study and develop a security mechanism for laboratory server to handle multiple clients in Local Area Network (LAN)

Lau Pit Hwa



Study and develop an encryption algorithms using PHP for a web based email application

Teh Seng Kuang



Study and encryption and decryption and to develop a chat room which also enables file transfers between Linux and Windows

Lau Chau Ming



The study and implementation of biometric technology in the identification and security controls in a console for client/ server based platform

Lim Hock Lye



The study and implementation of video streaming, file transfer, online chat, encryption and decryption on client/ server architecture

Hoo Chee Keen



Study and implementation of network protocol analyzer on LAN

Lee Jia Yng



Study of Linux networking performance and development of the network monitoring system using appropriated programming language

Tok Chee Hong



Study on geographical information system (GIS) and develop a digital road planner technology

Yeo Yee Soon



Study on smart card technology and develop a smart card based system for clinic admission

Yeap Mei Ching



Study on smart card technology and to implement a health care system

Loong Li Yi



Study on peer-to-peer network (P2P) concept and develop a file sharing application

Beh Yen Leng



Study peer-to-peer technology to develop mini search engine and file sharing application in Windows based

Gan Siew Wei



To simulate distributed computing concepts with a simple multi-player network game developed using JAVA

Li Shyuk Haw



To study 3D API programming and to develop a 3D engine

Low Chee Meng



To study and develop a compression software based on the MPEG-4

Lee Guan Hock



To study and develop a digital image watermarking security and copyright feature for Gif and JPG images

Romel Tanady



To study the concept of intelligent multimedia system and implement a 2D trip navigator for a particular suburb

Novita Sudardjo



To study on the computer speech and text recognition capabilities on human natural language, and develop a voice to text, text to structural query language (VOT-SQL) program to retrieve information from a database

Goh Chong Min



To understand the fundamentals of Windows and Linux networking and to develop a cross platforms application system based on perl language

Yong Ruen Dih



To use network technology in an office automation system Windows operating system environment by using JAVA language

Huang Jian Sheng