Computer Science (BCP)

December 2001



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A client-server database system for Clinic management system

Ng Wei Ban



A development of a communication tool in the area of Voice Over IP (VOIP): To study and compare voice quality over a network

Suren Ramanathan



A network management system

Lim Chee Kai



A prototype of diagnosing and troubleshooting problem of car components: an Expert System application

Hee Chia Min



A research on all available streaming media and developing an audio streaming software to be used in delivering recorded class lectures in a LAN/ Intranet based environment for INTI College students

Ganesa Selvarajan



A study and development of knowledge management system based on 3-tier client/server architecture

Seah Kui Hua



A study and implementation of a client/ server veterinary information system wth data encryption for security purpose

Lee Tze Lin



A study and implementation of an E-mail system with encryption enhancement for INTI College Malaysia

Yeo Cheng Wah



A study and implementation of data mining application in a cusomer management system: A case study on Hong Leong Assurance Berhad

Law Lee Ing



A study and implementation of diagnostic expert system for allergies




A study and implementation of expert system application: Troubleshooting personal computer

Wong Chu Chen



A study and implementation of expert system application-diagnsing asthma patients

Selvaranee Manickam



A study and implementation of expert system application: Diagnosing problems of human eyes

Cheng Yee Ping



A study and implementation of Malaysias Timber and Logging System

Yap Yin Leang



A study and implementation of online distance learning

Low Ven Lie



A study of the architecture voice and video integrated data (AVVID) technology and implementation of video conferencing software based on the AVVID technology

Yap Chee Keong



A study of decision support system concept and implement insurance selection system

Hong Boon Tat



A study of the JAVA 2 platform J2ME) and development of a wireless movie ticket purchasing system based on J2ME

Pang Tzee Hoong



A study on agent technology and an implementation of a mobile agent for messaging and file sharing

Lee Wee Kheng



A study on J2ME and implementation of an inventory system for Palm OS devices

Emilda Jong



A study on JAVA advanced imaging (JAI) and to implement an image processing application




A study on P2P solutions build on top of JXTA platform technologies and implementation of an IM with file sharing application using JXTA protocol

Ling Hua Pin



An implementation of Astrology guide based on western and Chinese horoscopes to demonstrate decision support system (DSS) concept

Cheng Vern Vern



An implementation of expert system application to diagnose foodborne disease

Hew Yee Nee



An implementation of health assessment based on diet and life style with decision support system (DSS) concept

Lim Eng Lim



An in-depth study and research on virus, virus patterns and the implementation of a prototype active virus cleaner (ANVC)

Wong Boon Kit



Development of an interactive audio manipulation and analysis application

Ong Chong Liam



Development of an online hospital system

Wong Tat Loy



Detail study on encryption and decryption and develop a cross platformfile transferring system with encrypt/ decrypt

Oong Chang Wei



Distributed database system for contact management system

Tan Chyi Boon



Home video surveillance system via web-cam

Lim Hang Tze



Implementation a wireless application protocol (WAP) based application prototype as computer hardware information agent

Pan Lee Chin



Implementation of fingerprint identification system with characteristics of minutiae




Implementation of PHP to develop an intelligent system which generates the natural language and manages the flow of computer hardware ordering




Information hiding through steganography

Kang James Kong Yew



Inventory system based on three-tier database architecture

Cokro Syahputra



Library system

Tan Chun Yong



Research and implementation of a firewall and intrusion detection system (IDS) with feedback through mail

Goh Hong Soon



Research and implementation of client/server of airline reservation system with suitable encryption techniques

Albert Yang Joe



Research on local area network (LAN) environment and to implement cryptography security networks for file transfer

Chin Yen Cheng



Smart card based lab printing system for INTI College Malaysia

Phone Naing Zaw



Studies and implementation of web browser with voice

Seow Kong Loong



Study and develop a firewall security for monitoring and controlling the LAN (Local Aea Network) activities

Hasan Halim



Study and demonstrate on WAP technology in running MP3 through mobile phones

Tan Sir Sern



Study and development of clustering system for CPU dominant and heavy workload applications

Wong Shin Siong



Study and implement a computer based customer relationship management system for business organization

Chang Phillip Von Ken



To study and implement a pilgrims registration system for Lembaga Tabung Haji with data security a client/ server application

Norhayati Maddilli



Study and implementation of a VCD Rental System based on a client server architecture

Jee Meng Chien



Study and implementation of audio encryption and decryption

Koh James



Study and implementation of client/ server for creating perseonnel E-album

Amy Marcus



Study and implementation of client server to hostel system

Hoo Choon How



Study and implementation of data security system for examination department in a college using cryptography methods

Chong Ivy Ai Wuii



Study and implementation of web-based chat room

Tai Shy Yun



Study on computer network communications and implementation of E-education system

Tai Yen Choon



Study on peer-to-peer search and development of a file sharing system

Liew You Ching



Study on RMI (Remote Method Invocation) and develop a three-tier client/server application tourist company

On Lei see



Study on steganography technology to develop a program and WIN Runtime Libraries encryption and decryption application

Ng Chen Howe



Study on WAP technology by applying WML and WML script in the development WAP application prototype

Yusman Affendy



To analyze and develop MP4 compression tool for audio and video files

Hendri Lau



To analyze client/server concept and develop a hotel reservation client/server software equipped with knowledge database

Ferdinand Ariff



To develop an email system with steganography

Cheah Gim Bee



To develop and expert system for help system and study on customer relationship management (CRM)

Khor Lee Kiang



To develop an online simulation for book stores

Wong Shekh Nee



To study demonstrate compression technology for video on demand in local area network environment Lecture of computing courses in INTI College Malaysia

Tan Chu Yong