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A Comparative Study Between Fella Design Vs Courts Mammoth On Factors Influence Consumer Behavior In Choosing Furniture In Malaysia

Ng Joon Fong



A Comparative Study On Buying Decision On Health Drinks And Soft Drinks Among College Students And Academic Staff In Nilai

Ching Avelia T



A Comparative Study On Consumer Buying Behaviour And Perception Of Levi Strauss And Lee Cooper Jeans Wear

Chan Vui Joo



A Comparative Study On Consumer Perception And Attitude Toward Orange Juice (Marigold Vs. Sunkist)

Pang Wee Shen



A Comparative Study On Consumer's Attitude And Purchas Behaviour Towards Clarins And Clinique's Product, Price, And Brand Loyalty

Ting Daphine



A Comparative Study On Consumers' Attitude Towards Purchasing Guitars. (Fender Vs Ibanez)

Chaim Tommy Thau Khiong



A Comparative Study On Consumer's Attitudes Toward Nike And Reebok Footwear

Kwek Chuwen Hui



A Comparison Of Brand Loyalty Behaviour Of Sport Equipment In Malaysia Between Yonex And Carlton

Liam Hoe Cheng



A Comparison Of The Effectiveness Of Branding And Packaging For The Perfume Industry (Calvin Klein Vs Giorgio Armani)

Lim Wei Wei



A Comparison Of The Promotional Tools Used By Citibank Malaysia And Maybank In Housing Loan

Wee Aaron Ting Hsien



A Comparison On Service Quality Of Season Confectionery And Bakery Sdn. Bhd. And Secret Recipes Cakes And Café Sdn. Bhd. In Johor Bahru

Lam Sheau Ting



A Comparison Study On Of How Marketing Mix Creates Awareness And Affect Sales Toward Two Fierce Competitive Products Between Coca-Cola And Pepsi-Cola Within Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Huong Yu Su



A Comparison Study On Services Quality Of Rhb Insurance And United Oriental Assurance (Uoa0 Insurance In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Lee Syn Yen



A Study Of Consumer Buying Behavior Between Nokia And Motorola

Foo Mei Ling



A Study Of Consumer Perception Toward Canned Food And Fresh Food In Alor Setar, Malaysia

Wong Seow Fei



A Study Of Gap Analysis Between Management Perception Of Customer Expectation And Consumer Expectation Toward Service Quality Offered By Pan Pacific Hotel In Klia

Chung Daniel Siu Syn



A Study On Comparison Of How Markeitng Mix Create Awareness And Affect Sales Towards Cosmetic Products Between Martha Tilaar And Kanebo

Hendra Wijaya



A Study On Comparison Of How Marketing Mix Creating Awareness And Affecting Sales Between Delifrance And Delibake In Kota Kinabalu Centre Point Sabah (CPS)

Liew Yen Shau



A Study On Comparison Of Service Quality Between Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad And Rhb Bank Berhad In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah In Terms Of Gap Between Consumer Expectation And Management Perception.

Chong Alvina Ching Yun



A Study On Consumers' Attitude Towards Low Fat Dairy Product. (Low Fat Yogurt And Low Fat Milk)

Tan Shi Xin



A Study On Consumers' Attitude Towards The Ban On Tabacco Advertising Issue In Malaysia And Consumers' Purchase Intention On Tabacco Product

Ng Yien Lee



A Study On Consumers' Attitudes Toward Carbonated And Non-Carbornated Canned Drinks In Nilai Area.




A Study On Consumers' Brand Loyalty And Brand Loyalty Patterns In Purchasing Audio Products From Aiwa And Sony Company

Chai Timothy Ek Farn



A Study On How Customers Perceived The Services Quality As Compare To The Management Perception Of Sutera Harbour Resort And Shangri-La's Resort In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Chong Chain Jing@Raymond



A Study On How Differentiation Can Be Conceived Through Positioning Strategies In The Malaysian Cigarette Industry Within The Nilai

Ngo Victor Sue Chuan



A Study On How Effectiveness Of Merging Between Hong Leong Bank And Wah Tat Bank Berhad Does Effect On Their Product And Services To The Customer Needs

Ho Yit Kheng



A Study On How Marketing Mix Can Be Affects The Sugar Bun Company To Be As Compete With Kfc Company

Liu Ting Yen



A Study On The Effectiveness Of Promotion Tools In Water Filtration System And Diamond Energy Water Filtration System

Wong Lee Sar



A Study On The Effectiveness Of Promotional Tools In The Instant Noodles Industry In Indonesia (Indomie And Mieabc)

Yanti Tanuwijaya



A Study On The Effectiveness Of Sales Promotion Activity Between Two Fast Food Industries In East Malaysia (Sugar Bun Vs. Mcdonald)




A Study On The Factors That Influencing The Consumer Buying Behavior In The Furniture Industry Between Malaysia Furniture Plaza And Rozel Furniture Shop Of Seremban

Li Hui Yan



A Study On The Importance Of Service Quality To An Educational Instition In The New Millennium- A Comparative Analysis Of Inti College Sabah And Informatics College

Chua Fui Boon



A Study On The Level Of Customer Satisfaction Toward Service Quality Provided By Creative Network Center, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Mohd Faizal Ag Kanak



A Study On The Service Quality Of Two Road Builder Companies In West Malaysia: Lingkaran Trans Kota Holding Berhad And Projeck Lebuh Raya Utara-Selatan (Plus)

Yeo Siew Lin



A Study On The Service Quality Provided By Airline Industry In Indonesia: A Comparison Between Garuda Indonesia Airline-And Merpati Nusantara Airline

Melani Tjioe



A Study On What Influence Customers Toward Watching Movies In Penang: Comparison Between Advertisement And Sales Promotion

Goo Yap Aun



A Study To Understand The Quality Of Proton Waja And The Consumers Satisfaction Provide By Pronton Company In Kuala Lumpur Of Malaysia

Toh Tze Kuok



Adoption Of Online Shopping Between Potential Internet Buyers & Non-Internet Buyers In Klang Valley

Liew Wooi Yen



An Analysis Of Marketing Strategies For Service Firm By Comparing Fedex Corp. Against Ups Corp In Malaysia

Hong Win Hoh



An Analysis On The Effectiveness Of Promotional Tools On Purchasing Decisions Towards " Cadbury" Chocolate Bars And "Nestle" Chocolate Bars In Kuala Lumpur Area.

Fadzyana Bt. Dolhan



An Investigation Of Female's Attitude Among Baby Boomers And Baby Busters Toward The Beauty Products Of Body Shop

Arisa Bt Omar



An Investigation Of How Physical Transportation Derives Customer Delivered Value In 24-Hour Convenience Store Industry

Toh Yau Ming



An Investigation Of Prospecting And Presentation On Selling Force By "KL Mutual Fund" And "MBF Unit Trust"

Lee Chiao Yen



An Investigation On Consumer's Behaviour And Consumer Orientaion In Purchasing Products From Nestle Company And How This Company Uses Its Marketing Mix To Maintain And Improve The Attractiveness Of Their Product

Ian Hanafiah Bin Mohidin



An Investigation On How Customers Perceive The Service Quality Of Digi And Tm Touch That They Received At Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Lee Wei Mei



An Investigation On The Effectiveness Of The Service Quality In Influnce The Customer's Repurchase Intention (Genting Highland Hotel And Sunway Hotel)

Chee Pei Fern



An Investigation On The Umw Toyota Company For How They Are Fully Utilized The Marketing Mix And Its Service Quality By Comparing To The Company

Voon Kit Hua



Changes In Consumer Attitude Of Their Buying Behaviour Towards Canon Printers In Penang And Nilai

Chin Li Chein



Chili's Bar & Grill: Gap Analysis Between Management's Perception Of Customers' Expectation And Custs' Actual Expectation Towards Service Quality

Ong Bee Lian



Compare The Competitive Advantage Between Starbuck And Coffee Bean Houses From The Consumer Perception

Fang Fang



Comparing The Sales Promotion Tools That Used By Singtel And Starhub In Influencing Buying Decision Of Their Consumers

Lim Bee Peng



Comparion On The Impact Of Television Advertising In Terms Of Sales In Two Different Industries: Fast Food Industry And Electronic Industry

Hii Kathleen Yiik Yiin



Consume Attitudes Towards Perodua Kelisa And Perodua Kenari In Product Attributes

Khoo Jeremy Gee Kiang



Consumer Perception Towards Adoption Of Internet Banking In Malaysia. ( Internet Bank User Vs Non Internet Bank User)

Yu Tze Seng



Consumer Perception Towards Two Brands Of Air-Conditionals (Carrier And York)

Kee Chee Kiang



Consumer's Attitude Towards Using Contact Lenses And Eyeglasses

Chia Kar Yee



Consumers Attitudes Toward Proton Perdana V6 And Toyota Corolla Altis In Penang

Yeoh Zhiming



Consumer's Brand Loyalty Towards Whisper And Laurier

Lee Ai Li



Consumers' Perceived Satisfaction On Service Quality Provided By Two Competitors In Hospital (Subang Jaya Medical Center And Sunway Medical Center)

Tjan Agus Salim



Consumer's Perception Towards The Insurance Industry (American International Assurance (Aia) Vs Prudential Insurance Companies)

Koo Pee Ling



Creating Competitive Advantage Between Nippon Paint Wholesalers In Sibu, Sarawak, Based On Retailers And Consumers Point Of View

Lee Hieng Chuang



Customers' Perceived Satisfaction On Service Quality Provided By Two Competitors In Insurance Industry (Allianz And MAA Insurance)

Kaw Su- Zanne



Customers' Perceptions And Expectations Towards Service Quality Of A&W Restaurant And Mcdonald's Restaurant Among Private College Students In Kuala Lumpur

Aw-Yeong Yim Heng



Determinants Of Consumers' Perceived Quality Between Kembara 1.3 Vs Pajero Io 1.8

Wong Mee Yee



Differences In Compulsive And Non-Compulsive Buying Behavior On Slimmiing Products

Wong Pou Ling



Effectiveness Of Print Advertising Used By Great Eastern Life Assurance And A.I.A. In Influencing Customer Buying Decision

Hon Wi Sing



Factor Influencing Consumer Purchase Preference For Foreign Automobile Between Germany And Japan

Manat Suriyakarn



Factors Influencing Consumers' Purchases For Residential Properties (Landed And Non-Landed) In The Klang Valley

Ding Yen Leng



Factors Influencing Customer's Perception Towards Hypermarket In Ipoh, Perak

Lee Alan Mun Kin



Factors Influencing Internet Shopping Adoption In Ipoh

Chong Kheng Chew



Gap Analysis Between Managements' Perception On Customers Actual Expectation On Service Quality Towards Allson Klana Hotel, Bandar Baru Nilai

Ho Chin Tau



How Does Acer Company And Compaq Company Plan Their Marketing Mix (4ps)

Robby The



Measuring Brand Equity From The Customer-Based Perspective: A Comparative Analysis Of (Bee Dees) And (Pierre Cardin) In Kuala Lumpur

Chong Mei Yoke



Promotion (Advertising And Sales Promotion) Strategies On Telecommunication Industry: Maxis And Digi, An Empirical Study Targeted On The Consumer In Kuala Lumpur

Sun Pui Yee



Study On The Consumer Behavior Of The Health Products Of Extra Excel Company And Eu Yan Sheng Company In The Health Industry

Ting Shiau Hui



Technological Advancement Or Financial Statement? A Study Comparison On How Digi.Com And Celcom Sdn.Bhd. Undergo Their Promotional Mix For Competitive Advantage In The Mobile Phone Industry In Malaysia

Kau Reuben Shau Fung



The Adoption Process Of Female Adults Toward Shape-Up Lingerie: (Caelygirl (M) Sdn Bhd Vs Elken (M) Sdn Bhd.

Toh Sar Joou



The Advertising Towards Creating Consumer's Awareness In Slimming Advertisement: Marie France Vs Expressions

Goh Soo Yee



The Attitudes Of Consumers In Purchasing Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy Between American Home Insurance And Southeast Asia Insurance

Low Kang Wei



The Attitudes Of Generation X Drinkers Towards Carlsberg Beer And Tiger Beer In Malaysia

Se Chin Shia



The Attitudes Of Parents Toward Children Milk Powder

Gan Bee Kah



The Characteristics Of Early Adopters Towards Levi's New Fashion Series Between College Students And Young Working Adults In Kuala Lumpur

Koh Remy Chin Loong



The Comparison Study On Implication Natural Environmental Responsibility By Shell Co And Petronas Co In Selangor

Dennis Simon Wijaya



The Competitive Advantage Of Science Diet Against Others Competitors

Zhang Na



The Consumer Attitude And Purchase Behaviour Towards Brand Loyalty On Coffee Houses Among Youth In Penang (Starbucks Vs. Coffee Beans)

Chong Yee Lee



The Consumer Perception Towards The Service Quality Between A Foreign Bank And A Local Bank In Brunei

Chai Woei Jen



The Consumers Attitudes Towards Hair Colouring Product Manufacture By Loreal And Wella Companies

Lau Mei Loo



The Differences Between Malaysian And Singorean Children In Influencing The Parent's Decision Making On Purchase Of Toys

Tan Desiree



The Effectiveness Of Advertising Activities That Was Adopted By Mcdonald's

Yu Malisa



The Effectiveness Of Advertising Adopted By Colgate And Darlie Dental Product Companies In Malaysia To Promote Brand Equity

Chia Yee Ting



The Effectiveness Of The Promotional Tools In The Pharmacy Industry In Indonesia: Pt Kalbe Farma And Pt. Schering

Tita Rakhmita



The Gap Analysis Between Managements Perception Of Customers Expectation And Customers Expectation Towards Price And Product Quality Offered By Desa Group Of Companies

Silas Nong Gunting



The Impact Of Advertising On Women Attitude Towards Cosmestic Product: Loreal And Avon

Chin Yik Meoy



The Impacts Of Marlboro And Salem's Indirect Advertisements Toward Youths In The Purchase Of Cigarettes

Chang Chjoi Mei



The Influence Of Advertisements In The Buyiing Behaviour Of Consumers Between Maxis And Celcom In Kuching, Sarawak

Kong Chien Chien



The Influence Of Perceived Service Quality Vs Perceived Price-Quality Towards "1901 Hot Dog"

Chew Hui Jing



The Influence Of Product Features In Selecting The Audio-Visual Products Among Consumers, Sony Vs. Samsung In Malaysia

Chai Gloria Mei Wern



The Linkage Of How Customer Perceives Service Quality And Service Loyalty In The Food Beverage Outlets: (Delifrance Vs Dome Café)

Yau Chin Joo



The Marketing-Mix Used By Acer And Compaq To Encourage The Customers To Purchase Notebook

Chian Sylvia Moi Yee



The Preferences Of Consumer Behaviour Towards Fast Food Industry (KFC And Sugar Bun) In Kuching, Sarawak

Olivia Santarini Hermawan



The Study Of The Future Opportunities Of Green Marketing In Indonesia.

Swiny Andiena



To Determine The Planning Of Procter & Gamble (P&G) And Johnson & Johnson (J&J) On Theirs Marketing Mix (4ps) To Gain Competitive Advantages.

Pan Kwee Woon



To Determine The Purchase Decision Made By Consumers In Buying Proton Waja 1.6 And Toyota Altis 1.6

Chan Su Joo



To Investigation The Responses Of John Hancock's Customers Toward Its New Investment Linked Insurance Policy Compared With Its Conventional Life Insurance Policy

Kong Tzak Shin



Understand The Consumer Attitude And Purchase Behaviour Toward Passengers Of Mas And Air Asia Within Kl And Kota Kinabalu Route

Lim Chee Ping